I’m Out Here!

I’m a very private person who really truly enjoys her alone time, but as a small business owner I have to really put my business out there.


So I put that B.A. in Communication Studies to work and in the last month, I’ve gone from 0 to 1800 email subscribers and 0-100 daily website visits.

I took the last two weeks off because I’m also a SpEd teacher with the school district and we started virtual learning on April 13th. The transition to virtual teaching took my full attention over the last couple of weeks.

So, imagine my surprise when I finally took some time to check my stats and found the my website has been consistently maintaining over 100 views a day.

Especially since my Facebook Ad ended on April 15th and my Google Ad ended on April 20th.

Last month I spent about $300 on ads through both platforms. I plan to double down next month along with switching to a new email/marketing platform.

Last month I had over 400 people request my free virtual lesson, Interpreting Data for Justice.

Next month I plan to offer complimentary virtual teaching resources for schools & teachers, homeschool resources for parents, and sound healing resources for everyone in the hopes of recruiting another 1k email subscribers.

This will hopefully provide a solid foundation for my online mini-course series launch.

Check it…

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