Why did I create Ujamaa & Adventure Learning?

I have completely lost my mind on a few occasions at varying degrees over surprisingly long periods of time.

Some of you have known me long enough to have witnessed this at least once.

My struggle with PTSD was at times a spectacle of mass proportions.

It was sobering.

And humbling.

And I think it was only to prepare me for what was to come.

As a survivor of trauma, I have a few key skill sets. One is risk assessment. It’s just a way of life once you survive trauma. Everyday, all the time, i be actively calculating all the possible risks.

Traveling was a huge part of my healing process and it opened me up to many different ways of living.

I returned home in 2010 with fresh eyes that could not stop noticing the instability of almost everything here.

I continued to experience generalized anxiety even after healing myself from the personal traumas I’d endured.

This was the impact of systemic oppression and racism coupled with another reality.

Our health, education, and welfare systems were a house of cards and people are going to need something sustainable the grab ahold so that we can rebuild as quickly and efficiently as possible.

…..And that’s why I started my business.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on anything else in my adult life.

From the start of this year I was:

1. Teaching SpEd 1/2 time with the district.
2. Running a Student Business Group After-School.
3. Running another after-school program at a private school
4. Wrote/coordinated 3 grants.
5. Developing my Adventure Learning Platform.
6. Preparing to lead a teacher fellowship to Zimbabwe

I turned my attention to my business full-time since the shelter in place and have been working 8-10 hrs a day!

And it’s literally paying off.

I just received my first payment for two virtual sound healing events. Had an offer from a non-profit for a third event.

I invested in FB and Google ads, built my email list to about 1,500 subscribers, and re-designed my website.

I woke up this morning to find I’d already had 90 views on my website.

And my visitors are diverse AF!

Today’s Visitors

From ALL over the world.

Visitors in the Last 30 Days

ALL up in my website.

I’m really proud of myself.

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